Springboard of Success..

The Lotus, The Diya and The Sun in the school logo, symbolize strength and gentleness, pride and humanity, sustenance and growth. The school motto “Truth, Love and Efficiency” appears in glittering letters below the school logo of a beautiful Lotus in full bloom.

The Lotus, seat of Saraswati , the Goddess of learning and knowledge is a symbol of wisdom and purity. The Sun is a symbolic of radiance, and resplendent brilliance; the dispeller of darkness and fountain-head of life and learning.

The flickering flame of the lamp or ‘Diya’ symbolizes the light of true knowledge and the glowing wateremphasizes dynamism.

The school logo envisions the ability of the school to inculcate the eternal values of Truth and Love; and, to provide the right atmosphere, training facilities and opportunities for students to acquire a passion for excellence and achievement of their full potential.